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Welcome to Nara YAMATO!

Here is the heart of Japan’s spirituality,

full of sacred sites and power spots surrounded by nature...

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Culture / History


Ancient Capital City of Nara


Nara Park Classic Tour 


Cycling tour in

Ancient Capital city of Nara 


Explore Asuka,

the birth place and

heartland  of Japan


Deep nature hike in the , mystic Mt. Yoshino Hike and 

vist UNESCO World Heritage sites.



Explore spiritual power spots in ancient Yamato



Pilgrimage to 2 most

Beautiful Kannon (the Goddess of mercy)

in Yamato




Visit holy sanctuary Koyasan (Mt. Koya)


spiritual clearing 

Customized tours


According to your request, I will take you to where you'd like to explore within Kansai area; Nara, Kyoto, Osaka.
 With a spiritual point of view throughout the 
history of Japan, you will get rich insights and inspirations.


Half/One day 


Please e-mail me by 

the contact form. 

Kyoto Specials


Explore a holy 

Mt. Kurama, a birth place of REIKI



Mindfulness experience

in Zen temples

and visit 

Kyoto Imperial Palace



Learning Wisdom, spiritual tradition and history  of ancient Shintoism:  at 

Kasuga Grand Shrine.


KIMONO lesson and learn 

about the history and traditional kimono dressing + stroll in kimono to Nara park and Kofukuji


Airbnb Experiene 


"Explore spiritual power spots

in ancient Yamato"

you can check above to see

more than

40 reviews and 50 photos

by the guests. 

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