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Mt. Yoshino Hike, home of mountain worship

Mt. Yoshino, home of shugendo

With over 30,000 cherry trees planted and protected since the old times, Mt. Yoshino offers you the best experience to enjoy cherry blossoms and learn about the secret spiritual wisdom behind them

Take moments for quiet contemplation and communion with the natural world, deepening your connection to the divine energy in the mountain.

Here is the birthplace of Shugendo, a Japanese ascetic practice and mountain worship, and many places are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 



  • Experience the spiritual encounter with nature spirits, known as kami, believed to inhabit the forests and mountains, etc. of Japan.

  • Learn about the Japanese wisdom and ritual behind the Cherry blossom viewing.  Also, learn the introduction to Shugendo.

  • Visit Kimpusen-ji Temple. Admire the temple's architectural beauty and the huge 3 statues of Shugendo deities. 

  • Contemplate amidst cherry blossoms or green/colored maple trees.

  • Explore Yoshimizu Shrine, the UNESCO site, with its amazing and tragic history of being once the imperial palace. 

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Chas Curtis

We had such an amazing experience yesterday. Thank you so much for everything! Your deep knowledge of spiritual traditions rooted in the long history of Japan provided an enlightening experience. I look forward to being in touch! You are the greatest!! Thank you so much!!

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