The spirit of YAMATO 
Nara Park classic tour 


I recommend this tour to a first-time visitor to Nara, Yamato.  I will walk with you and take you to the highlight spots where Nara was the ancient capital of Japan over  1300 years ago, including UNESCO World Heritage.

Behind the grand structures of buildings and great statues of Buddha, traditional ceremonies or festivals, there had been many dramas.

You will meet lots of friendly deer, protected as the messengers of the god of Kasuga. I will talk about the uniquely international-oriented history of Nara period, and how Shintoism and Buddhism have been co-existing.

Discover why Nara is so important and unique and attracts people even today!

​Learn the spirituality of the Japanese in the old Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. 


-Nara park: You can take many cute photos with deer and feed them "deer crackers" for their snack. 

​-Todaiji Temple: the World's largest wooden structure and home of the   Great Buddha statue, known as Daibutsu.

-Kofukuji Temple:  famous for the 2nd tallest five-stories pagoda in Japan.  Tour will take you to the Treasure House where various  Buddhist artworks from the Asuka period to the Edo period (6th century to 19th centuries) are exhibited.  

-Kasuga Grand Shrine: See and learn about Shintoism, what it is, what is kami, how to pray, etc. 


Since 1998, all the above-mentioned sites have been registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Kasugayama Primeval Forest.  

As it is extending behind the Kasuga Grand Shrine, hunting or logging had long been prohibited in this sanctuary.  Japan’s oldest official history records were written during the Nara period.  They are full of legends and stories of  god and goddesses and heroic figures with unique and mysterious features.  

* As we will be walking around the temples and shrines of the destination, please join the tour with comfortable shoes and clothing.


    <Half Day Course>  5 hours    

¥12,000 / person ~ 


                                                    <One Day Course > 8  hours    ¥20,000 (1-3 persons)   


Cycling tour in the Ancient Capital city of Nara


After renting a cycle, this tour will take you to a broader area of Nara,

in addition to the sites of the " Nara Classic Tour " (see above).

All along the way, we can stop at scenic locations perfect for photo shooting, as well as hidden nice spots that a few tourists can find. 

Some main places

-Nigatsudo Hall in Todaiji Temple​ : 

-Nara Palace site (Heijo-Kyo Ruins): Heijo-Kyo Palace was located at the north end of Suzaku-Oji Street, it is now a large park, famous for sakura

​viewing, waking, jogging, and picnic site.

        -Suzakumon Gate

          : beautifully restored as the original size and location in 1997

        -Daiggokuden (Imperial Audience Hall) 

          : The emperor's Imperial throne called "Takamikura" was placed inside and the emperor was seated on it when attending a ceremony or granting an audience. 

* As we will be cycling around the above-mentioned destinations, please join the tour with comfortable shoes and clothing.  If it rains, we can go by public bus.


<Half Day Course>  5 hours    

¥12,000 / person ~ 


 <One Day Course > 8  hours    ¥20,000 (1-3 persons)