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Tou Dento Reiki Session

I am AYA,

 Traditional Reiki-do Master Teacher

I live in Kawachinagano City, Osaka, a quiet place with rich nature.
My favorite thing to do is to cook and eat delicious food that makes my body happy, spend time in the great outdoors, and do Yoga.
I am cheerful and positive about everything, and I am willing to try anything that looks fun.
What I keep in mind every day is to cherish the present moment, be grateful for everything, and live as joyfully as myself.


Healing/ Teaching


I would like to share the beauty of Traditional Reiki with as many people as possible. I hope that by first becoming healthy in mind and body, you will eventually reach the state of "Anshin Ritsumei" (peace of mind and peace of life「安心立命」) and enlightenment.
Currently, I am giving Reiki treatments and remote Reiki at my own salon at home and other places.  I also give attunement and teachings as well.

Here are some common comments from my clients and students:

"My body, mind and soul are healed with joy.”
”Not only do I receive a lot of energy from Reiki, but a great cleansing takes place.”

"I am becoming more aware of what is necessary for me, and I am becoming better through guidance beyond human knowledge.”
These things happen through resonance between the microcosm, which is ourselves, and the macrocosm, which is the energy of Reiki.
By connecting with Reiki, we gradually become aware of various things, such as the fact that we are unconditionally loved by the Universe.

My life has changed since I encountered Reiki. Thanks to Reiki, I can walk my own path with peace of mind, and I am very happy now.
And I would be honored to help you to achieve even greater happiness.

レイキ料金表完成01 (1).png
  • The price for Reiki sessions in the price list is for the treatment fee only.

  • There may be an additional charge for exchange fees, etc., added to the price depending on the payment method. (usually Paypal)


  • Aya lives in the southern part of Osaka, so travel expenses (about 4 hours round trip) and transportation (about 3,000 yen) will be charged separately.

  • Since Aya does not speak English, Akiko, an interpreter/guide, will basically accompany her as an attendant interpreter. Attending interpreter fee and introduction fee (15,000 yen)

Example: In the case of a "60-minute" treatment in Kyoto City

 Treatment fee (17,000 yen) +
 Business trip fee (6,000 yen) + transportation fee (3,000 yen) = 9,000 yen
 Attendance and interpretation and introduction fee (15,000 yen)
                                                                                                       Total: 41,000 yen

When there are more than 2 people, only the "treatment fee" will be added.

🌟In addition to the normal treatment time, we will take about +30 minutes for treatment preparation, counseling time, etc.

🌟The treatment will take place usually in the hotel room of the client.
If you cannot use the hotel room, you will need to pay separately for the rental space for the session (3,000 yen for 2 hours).

The session will be accepted between 10:00 and 17:00.

🌟If you wish to have more than 4 people in a session, or if you wish to have a session at Master Aya's home salon "Mana", or if you have limited time, please contact us using the contact form.

🌟In case you of of more than 4 people, we will work with Aya's male apprentice, Kosuke. There are some differences in the treatment fee, travel expenses, and transportation expenses.

🌟Attunement by Master Aya usually consists of a two-day lecture and attunements of Shoden (First Degree) and Chuden (Second Degree).
Shoden and Chuden:  40,000 yen each

(including textbook, lecture, and attunement, certificate)
🌟Please contact us if you are interested in planning a retreat that includes a tour to Mt. Kurama by Akiko and the Attunements by Aya. 

Aya is a very open-hearted channel for letting the energy flow through her, giving me a wonderful healing session.
Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith


After the Reiki session, I had Japan's best and deepest sleep. The Reiki energy filled up the room and put everything at ease. Aya has a humble and great personality. I had many spiritual impressions during the session and felt rejuvenated after that.
Ferenc Rez

Ferenc Rez

Business owner

Aya’s treatment was wonderful and left us relaxed and with great energy. Aya was a kind spirit and we could feel her passion for this healing heart.
Alexandra Young

Alexandra Young


I am so happy to get to meet with Aya. loved her detailed elaboration on reiki. she always wore a very warm and sweet smile and I loved her treatment. I did practice reiki this morning it felt so great.
Audrey Tai

Audrey Tai

Global Traveler and photographer

Aya is very special and her treatment was outstanding. Best Reiki session I have ever experienced. My back pain has subsided and my other issue has lessened as well. I would like to put together a group of friends who are Reiki practitioners to come to Japan for a tour with Akiko and Reiki session and advanced Reiki session with Aya.
Sabra Ricci

Sabra Ricci

Food and nutrition advisor
Event organizer

The Reiki treatment was a beautiful and powerful experience for both of us. Aya was kindhearted and professional and the collaboration between Akiko and Aya were perfect. A really memorable moment.
Lovisa Nicklasson

Lovisa Nicklasson

New mother!

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