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​Spiritual Calling from YAMATO

Are you ready for your journey?

New story

My tour is meant to guide you on your own personal, spiritual journey, though I may talk about Japanese traditional spirituality. 

I believe you found me not by chance but meant to be.  The universe brought us

to this unique moment. 

Japan's spiritual history and land and nature are prepared for us as the best stage

for your inner peace and inner growth.



I respect all creeds and see all gods or goddesses as higher spiritual beings

who brought and spread teachings to humanity at certain times and places.

For me, we are all children of God

(the Creator, Something Great, the Great Spirit ), therefore equally precious spiritual beings.

Our common challenge is, are we ready

to co-create a new era of peace and joy, sharing this beautiful Mother Earth? 

That will start with an inner quest and trust our inner power.

Are you ready for your /our journey?


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