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Koyasan Tour

​Koyasan mountaintop pilgrimage of 1,200 year history

A one-day spiritual tour of Koyasan offers a profound journey into the heart of Japanese Buddhism and the rich spiritual heritage of this sacred mountaintop town founded by Kukai.



  • Explore the mountaintop sanctuary of Koyasan

  • Visit Konpon Daito, a symbol of the ideals of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism

  • Learn about Kukai founder of Koyasan and the basics of Japanese Buddhism and history

  • Experience Ajikan meditation(reservation and additional fee needed)

  • Visit Okunoin cemetery path  On both sides of the path, there stand centuries-old Japanese cedar trees and over 200, 000 graves and stone monuments in a serene, purified atmosphere.

  • See the vast collection of priceless treasures, outstanding Buddhist arts

Tour Gallery

  • From 520 US dollars


  • Today, many visitors stay a night at a Koyasan Shukubo or temple lodgings.  Many of them offer Shojin Ryori (Buddhist vegetarian meals) to the guests.

  •  Lunch at Shukubo temples can be arranged.

  • A spiritual retreat at Koyasan for several days can be arranged on request.

Connie Hernandez

Our day with Akiko in Nara was one of the loveliest and most inspirational days of our entire trip to Japan. Akiko offers a wealth of information on the roots and practice of Japanese spirituality, on ecology, on the history of the women in Japan. She guided us to areas we would never have discovered on our own. We delighted in every aspect of our time with her…. from the somen noodle shop and vending machine crepes to the traditional Japanese ceremonies we witnessed with her to the shrines and temples. Through it all, we so enjoyed not only Akiko’s knowledge, but also Akiko as a person… her passion, her curiosity, her commitment to so many good things. I highly recommend spending a day or more in Akiko’s company. You will be so glad you did!

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