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Kimono Experience and explore historical Nara

KIMONO lesson  + stroll in kimono in Nara

Nara with its historical and natural beauties, is the perfect place to stroll in a kimono.

Learning about kimono will be a unique and enriching experience for your visit to Japan.


※Limited time only.  please contact at least 2 weeks in advance to arrange the lesson.


  • Learn about the history and development of the Kimono, including meanings of the different patterns and colors

  • Enjoy choosing your kimono of the day! 

  • Lesson 1 : Teacher's model dressing

  • Lesson 2 : You practice dressing on your own

  • Photoshoot at a photo studio and receive a certificate!

  • Go walking in a kimono in the historical Nara of your choice with a local guide (Nara Park, Kofukuji Temple, Isuien Garden, etc.)



  • At the studio, a fan, a samurai sword, a traditional umbrella, etc. are free to use to add some Japanese elements. 


  • A locker with a key is provided, so you can leave your belongings at the studio. 

  • Even after the tour, you can enjoy walking around until 18:00. (simply return the kimono by 18:00 at the studio.

  • A rickshaw ride can be arranged on the day.

  • Rental kimonos for children are available at the same price, but only photo shooting at the studio, no walking.

  • In the summertime, you will have a lesson on yukata, a summer cotton kimono made of lighter fabric but just as beautiful.

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Sabra Ricci

The tour was wonderful. Akiko was amazing! Very knowledgeable about Mt. Kurama and provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can't wait to come back to Japan and do a Nara tour with Akiko.

Looking for a customized experience?

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