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Yamato Spiritual Power Spots

Explore spiritual power spots in ancient Yamato

Explore the Yamato region by visiting the oldest shrine and temple full of legends and traditions dating back over 2,000 years. You will feel the presence of kami in nature and people’s hearts. 


  • Explore the oldest and the first-ranking shrine in the Yamato region, the Ohmiwa shrine.

  • Drink the holy spring water of Sai shrine from sacred Mt. Miwa, believed to heal any diseases.

  • Enjoy the unique experience of eating swimming Somen noodles, a local specialty food.

  • Visit Hase-dera Temple deep in the mountains with seasonal beauty and flowers. 

  • Using a taxi, you can visit Muroji Temple, known as Women's Koya, and Dragon's cave. 

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Adam K. Man

Really amazing tour. We enjoyed everything about it. Off the typical tourist path and very insightful.

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