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Pilgrimage to Kannon

Pilgrimage to 2 most beautiful and powerful Kannon
(the Goddess of mercy) in Nara and Yamato

"Kannon" is a Japanese way of calling "Kuan-Yin", or Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of mercy.  Let me take you to 2 of my favorites with unique origins.  So grand and powerful, but they do not appear in English guidebooks.  Both are surrounded by a variety of other statues of deities, clearly showing the religious interaction among Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc.  



  • Visit both Nara city with Nara Park and Yamato area in one day. 

  • You can pet deer and see the countryside with rice fields. 

  • Learn about the unique ancient Mother Nature worship in Japan and the latest trend of its comeback in this new age.

  • Receive a blessing from Kannnon who believed to have given beauty to the imperial consort in the Tang Dynasty China. 

  • You can buy a natural stone gradient necklace in a unique shape called "Magatama".


We will take at least 2 taxi rides for the time convenience.

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Lovisa Nicklasson

We had an amazing day. Akiko is very friendly and has great knowledge about both Japanese history and the country’s beautiful culture from different centuries. We learned so much from both old and current lifestyles in Japan. Thank you Akiko for being amazing!

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