Pilgrimage to 2 most Beautiful Kannon (the Goddess of mercy) in Yamato

The spirit of YAMATO 
Pilgrimage to 2 most Beautiful Kannon
the Goddess of mercy) in Yamato


Please contact me and I will let you know in details. 

There are so many Kannon statues worshiped in temples in Japan.  Although Kannon is known as "the Goddess of mercy", they appear in a variety of images symbolizing their special powers.  



"The Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage (西国三十三所 Saigoku Sanjūsan-sho) " is a pilgrimage of thirty-three Buddhist temples throughout the Kansai region and it has about 1,200 years of history.


I will take you to 2 of my favorite Kannons in Yamato, especially with stronger feminine features.  Both of them has interesting origin and legends and history over 1,300 years.  They are surrounded by a variety of other deities, clearly showing the religious interaction among Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc. 


* "Kannon" is a Japanese way of calling " Kuan-Yin" in China.


* As we will be walking around the temples and shrines of destination, please join the tour with comfortable shoes and clothing.


* For one day course, we can combine this tour with  either
​   "Yamato Spirit tour" or "Nara UNESCO sites". 


    <Half Day Course>  5 hours    ¥12,000/ person~  

<One Day Course>  8 hours  ¥ 20,000  (1-3 persons)  

every + 1 person     half price more.