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About my tours' essay on a monthly magazine, NARARA vol.2

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A short essay that I wrote about my tours in Nara, Yamato was again featured in a local monthly magazine titled "NARARA" for their September issue, 2019.

This time, I wrote a short essay on why I have started to feature rather minor area of Yamato region.

The basic reason is I wrote here in this "About me" site: However, deep reason is, quite complicated to share, so it was quite challenging for me to write it down and make it public. Thanks to the chief editor's encouragement I was able to express my self openly for the first time.

It is related to my own self quest and searching for the meaning of being who I am.

Overall, I feel that I am meant to be doing this, at least for this time being.

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