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  • Akiko

Extraordinary typhoons 2018

Typhoons is a violent tropical storm that usually hit Japan between summer and autumn. It is nothing surprising, but this year was different. We were hit by a typhoon after a typhoon, and the damage had been extraordinary.

Thanks to the modern weather forecast, basically the Meteorological Agency can predict the the timing and course of approach, estimated amount of rain and the wind speed, but ....nothing is certain until the very moment. Most people pay serious attentions to TV or online weather forecast.

The typhoon No.21 hit Kansai (Western Japan) area on 4th of September was especially drastic, and caused many damages and destructions. Fortunately, I could stay at home the entire time, but it was really scary. Due to the damage, Kansai International Airport was unable to function for days, and 4 stone lanterns at Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara were pushed down as some trees fell on to them. My American friend and her family was planning to fly from Kansai Airport on 6th, but had to change to another flight from Narita airport in Tokyo..

About the typhoon, my good Australian friend, a researcher and a writer of "ELEMENTAL JAPAN, Jann Williams wrote a very interesting article.

After meeting many people and visited many places of Japan on her researches, Jann has come to realize "typhoons play a critical role in the history and culture of Japan." Also, "typhoons as one of the elemental forces that have helped shaped Japan and her people". I totally agree with her idea!!

How to deal with the typhoon season and possible damages, I can see the Japanese have developed, through the centuries, a unique mentality (understanding ), respect, owe towards nature.

To read her blog article: (click the title)

" Tyhoons on my mind, the extraordinary 2018 season in Japan".

Also, take a look at a Youtube video on Tyhoon No.21.

"Super Typhoon Jebi (21) Osaka Japan Aftermath Personal Update "


These are the photos I took on some damages...


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