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my simple hope for the world peace..

Thinking about the Japanese history, as far as I know, Japan was united by military forces at least 3-4 times in different timings. It is easy to imagine, every time so many ordinary innocent people were forced to fight, run away from their homelands, and be killed and suffered greatly. On top of such wars, or man-made disasters, with active volcanos, earthquakes, tsunami(big waves), typhoons (tropical violent storms), and fires(thunders) , etc. our land has been destroyed so many times by natural disasters.

The Japanese are hard working by nature, due to (thanks to !?) the fact that nature have repeatedly given us lessons to humble ourselves before its ultimate powers. In the end, we are so aware that it is also the nature that heals, blesses us with abundance of harvests, gives new hopes by newborn babies, as well as lift us up with amazing seasonal beauties both days and nights.

"Impermanence" of life forms are so real.

On top of that, we all belong to nature, nothing is inseparable. These life teachings are deeply engraved in our DNA, though today's modern society temporary make us forget about that very fact.

In both Shintoism and Buddhism, nature has been worshipped, for it is believed the nature give us strength to overcome our own weaknesses, self-centered ego, and cleans us. Nature was never consider something that human can conquer, but gives us moral/ physical strengths as well as cleans us.

I think, as may people have started to question internally, too.

We are facing a critical timing of our human revolution, like it or not.

The simple but big and ultimate question is;

" Why are we here for? "

Are we (human beings) here to conquer each other by forces that separate us further more down the generations? As it has been always the cases as "Homo sapience" ?

Or are we here for finally express our collective mutual essence of love, trust each other, forgive our pasts, to share, to experience the inner beauty that are part of our human nature? I am on this side. And, I believe that Japanese history has enough lessons and life-lived wisdoms to be shared to the world.

It is easy to find differences between us, but it is also very easy to find similarity, too.

Why do we complicate things?

The latest science have proved that nothing is separated, we are so deeply interconnected. Our brains' limited functions trick us to "see" and "experience" the same realities and facts very differently. And on top of that, we have different past experiences, images, feelings, and identities (how we see ourselves), and these conditions cause us to misunderstand each other even between loved ones.

However, I think we have to overcome such illusions...with love.

Unless, we could end up finding ourselves collectively creating the future that nobody wants to experience.

I really hope the messages of peace from the land of YAMATO( 大和 : "Great Harmony" ) to be spread in the era of REIWA(令和 : "Beautiful Harmony") .



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