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  • Akiko

VEGE Sushi

I went to a workshop of making Vegetarian Sushi (VEGESUSHI) !

What's BEGESUSHI? VEGESUSHI is a new style of sushi conceptualised by “Hoxai Kitchen”. It is created for the health-conscious, or those who don’t eat fish. VEGESUSHI is based on Kyoto’s vegetable-eating culture and rectangular-shaped press sushi where colorful sushi blocks are served like cakes.


Hoxai Kitchen is a group of 3 young Japanese men, Gen, Kei, and Jun.

They have very unique back grounds.

Gen: Food designer, art director, a professor of economics Kei: Vegetalian Chef living in Paris, DJ

Jun: Vegetarian sommelier. a wine expert, aqua advisor, a fortune teller.

It is getting very popular in Europe, especially in Paris and Berlin.

This spring, they did the workshop in San Fransisco and New York, too.

At the worksop, Gen & Kei showed us a process to make an artistic, original vegesushi, and later, all the participants made our own.

(well, all the veggies were already seasoned, so all what we did was to arrange them as we liked).

We were told "Think and arrange the veggies as if you are painting".

It was a fun!!! Creative!! Beautiful! and "Tasty"!!

To make one, you need a special wooden tool .., but Gen and Kei let us use 2 loaf tins (loaf pans) for pound cakes.

Using "black rice (red rice)" was a good idea!

Totally changed the color of white rice to red-purpole.

<An Image photo from San Fransisco workshop2018>

workshop in San Fransisco 2018


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