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Origami deer!!

Nara is getting increasingly popular and famous as a city with cute deer. I suppose, for many one day visitors, freely roaming deer in Nara park are more memorable than old temples and shrines.. Recently, I have met ORIGAMI DEER specialists here and there in Nara city; ・Naramachi Koushino ie (奈良町格子の家)

・Nara Visitor Center & Inn (located next to Sarusawa pond)

・Noborioji Hotel Nara (登大路ホテル)

I took the above photo at Naramachi Koshino ie. The lady at the reception was making them very fast!

Below is a link to a beautiful video on how to make a deer with Origami, created by Noborioji Hotel, one of a SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World ) in Nara, just next to the Nara Park. Surprisingly, origami deer displayed at the front desk and at the beautiful lobby were made by the General Manager. He kindly offered one as a present to my guest!

How to make origami deer "NOBORIOJI ORIGAMI":

You need 2 origami papers to make one deer.

If you are in Nara, just visit Nara Visitor Center & Inn, next to Sarusawa pond.

Located on the 2nd Floor of a convenience store (Daily Yamazaki), you can find many valuable information on anything about Nara, not Nara city only, but broad Nara prefecture!

Here, many times staff are very kind and even teach you how to hold an Origami deer step by step. If not, there is a sheet of paper that shows you how. Of course, free of charge. Well, it took me a while to be finally able to make one.. especially the face part was tricky!

I found much more advanced, sophisticated version of origami deer by Satoshi Kamiya. Origami Deer tutorial (Satoshi Kamiya) part 1 :​ Over 180 steps. The total tutorial of part 1,2,3 are more than 3 hours total!!

Just amazing....!!


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