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I liked the Japanese soundtrack for "Frozen 2".

When watch foreign movies, especially at theaters, I usually make sure to see them with original versions with subtitles, not dubbed ones. But "Frozen II", a Disney's 3D computer animation musical fantasy, I happened to see it in Japanese with my friend, and it turned out to be an eye-opening experience. I really enjoyed the Japanese version very much! Moved by my own language...maybe more than in English.

I could follow the characters feelings and emotions smoothly without rushing my mind to read subtitles.

Takako Matsu whose beautiful voice for Elsa was well praised when the first movie "Frozen" was released. And "LET IT GO" in Japanese version became a great hit.

I really like that in Japanese.

This time, for "Frozen 2", she did a great job, too.

As the theme song, "Into the Unknown," has been nominated in the Original Song category at the Academy awards, Takako Matsu was directly invited by Disney company to join and sing for the 92th Academy Awards ceremony as one of the Elsa's voice actresses.

On February 15th, 2020, She joined Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa for the original English version, and others from countries including Germany, Russia, Spain and Thailand at the performance. She was the first Japanese performer to get this kind of honor.

Takako Matsu walked on the red carpet in traditional kimono, and appeared in a white dress on stage. (4th from the right)

(photo from ELLE Japan twitter "Oscars2020" )

I also liked the male voice and songs in Japanese for Kristoff, too. Lost in the Woods : The original English version "Lost in the Woods" by Jonathan Groff.

<From Wikipedia>

On "Frozen 2" theater release, Disney Character Voices International had provided 47 dubbings world wide of the movie. Out of these, 23 count also a soundtrack released on CD and digital download: a Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (European version), German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Mandarin Chinese (China version), Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazilian and European versions), Russian, Sami, Spanish (European and Latin American versions), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, and Vietnamese soundtrack were released. I really think this kind of international work to make different version in different languages are fun!! I think it is one of the best way to feel great diversity and the similarities as human beings on this planet Earth.

Also, watching good movies is a great way to learn other language, regardless of age, too.



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