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Kasuga Grand Shrine during COVID-19

This is my first video with my smart phone. I wanted to share with you all what I saw during my morning bike stroll near my place in Nara city. It used to be said that when you were in Nara in the early morning, you would meet more deer than people.

This has become an old legacy due to busy tourism, however during irregular situation of COVID-19, that is so true.... for limited timing.

What do you think?

The atmosphere is so fresh and clean, but full of spirit and life!

Seeing all the stone lanterns from different timings of history, donated by many different people, organizations or companies, from all over the nation, I felt deep connections. What they have wished back in their time?

"Health" "Happiness" "Peace" "Prosperity"

"Protection from illness and misfortune" "Good luck" , etc.

Those are the same wishes we commonly have over the times, aren't they?

Kasuga Grand Shrine has history over 1250 years since its foundation in Nara period (8th Century). Today, its complex covers about 100 ha but it was once 10 times larger!! The Shrine's extensive forests and mountains are considered sacred sice its origin and no one is strictly permitted to go into the mountain and cut down the trees or hunt there. Thus Mt. Kasuga has become the Kasuga-yama Primeval Forest , which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.



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