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Early autumn beauties of Asuka village before harvesting rice.🌾

Asuka village and the rice fields before the harvest always visually remembered with bright red spider lily, "Higanbana" in full bloom. This village once was the most ancient capital city of Japan more than 1400 years ago during Asuka period. (That's before Nara period).

The rural landscape where electric wires do not block the sky is so refreshing.

If you drive from the neighboring city of Kashihara, you'll find out soon enough 💓

'Oh, now I'm in the Asuka!'

Here, the beautiful scenery of Manyo Mahoroba with its unique historical atmosphere is well protected from modernization and urbanization thanks to the Asuka law enacted in January 1966.

The surprising fact is, the law was made during a time with rapid industrial and economic growth. I think people have a good understanding of the priceless heritage of history here and had respect and gratitude for their ancestors.😊 Mmmm, too bad, many cities including Nara city did not pass same kind of law, so today's city planning and atmosphere are quite chaotic.

Rarely we find cream-colored ones. So elegant!



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