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Do you want to know the Truth?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Are you interested in knowing the ultimate truth; what is the universe?

who you are? what is God? etc...

I Do, for a long time.

I have known Jesu Noh and his books for about 20 years, and from the time I read his first book in Japanese, I had an intuitive conviction that he knew the truth and was telling it. If this spreads throughout the world, the world could change at a revolutionary speed. 

Finally, at the end of last year,2021, his book in English has published which titled: "The Most Beautiful Equation in the Universe 0=∞=1".

Far more than the spiritual or religious awakening of some people, the ultimate Truth he had found (enlightened through his real experience during his deep meditation) should have enough content to bring about a cognitive and educational revolution of the society and humanity from Japan. Why from Japan? Mr. Noh is so certain that Japanese deep spiritual heritage and tradition, as well as sensitivity, are the crucial keys to the mass awakening of humanity.

However, as a Korean, his messages were slow to spread in Japan due to the sad national hatred between the 2 countries. But, I see that the time has finally come.

Since four years ago, as a new era "Reiwa" has begun in Japan with a new emperor, Mr. Noh Jesu started calling himself a "Reiwa Philosopher". After the COVID-19 pandemic, his online activities increased dramatically and his supporters are increasing all over Japan.

Finally, at the end of last year, his book in English was published: "The Most Beautiful Equation in the Universe 0=∞=1".

Sounds difficult? No worry. This book is meant for everyone.

However, this simple and beautiful equation has the potential power to give inspiration to mathematicians and physicists searching for the last piece to reveal the ultimate truth.

If you have read the famous and influential book "Homodeus" by Yuval Noah Harari, then this book will give you a far positive near future view of humanity.

I personally like the newly published book in Japanese in January 2022 the best. And his movement is slowly but surely spreading across Japan.

Please enjoy the book and if you find it interesting, please share that with others.

Hopefully, we are sharing a totally different peaceful and harmonious world within 5 years, just as the shift from the society Geocentric Movement to the Celestial Movement Theory has changed the society completely.

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