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A full day YAMATO tour with Caitilin.

A full-day tour in YAMATO, Nara with Caitilin from Australia. 🌲 She finished her Yoga retreat in Hokkaido and came down all the way to Nara to join the tour with me. It was a beautiful late summer day✨🌞 Next day, she c my mothe' shop in Naramachi area.

奈良県大和市の日帰りツアーでcaitilinとの室生寺. .🌲 オーストラリアのケイトリンさんと室生寺。 彼女は北海道でヨガのリトリートを終え, 自分のツアーに参加しました. お一人で1日大和ツアー。 いいお天気でした.

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