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Asia Art Tours × Yamato spirit tours

Asia Art Tours ( is created by Matthew, originally from US, living in Taiwan. He created this tour company to directly connect with the unique local artists in Asian countries and the people (artists) in the Western world.

I have been contacting with him since this spring, and we have been thinking of collaborating.

It is quite amazing how he has contact with so many good people that I admire here and there... like Alex Kerr (Japanologist), etc.

I am not sure how things will turn out collaborating with Asia Art Tours, but excited to have new opportunities to come!


<from Matthews's notes>

"At various points in history If we weren’t white we didn’t have access to vote, if we weren’t straight we didn’t have access to marriage, if we weren’t rich or men, or white we didn’t have access to much of anything. The universal promises of institutions or concepts like salvation, freedom and love were never true universals for the majority of humans.


Having only freed ourselves in the last half century from such false infinities, is it any wonder we treat the universal or systems with such contempt and disbelief? Every man and woman for themselves seems more fair than selective salvation. Better to be an empowered consumer than a powerless observer.

But I believe there is still power in the universal, that it is healthier to build a society based on universal values like healthcare and voting rights , love and justice. Or in Travel: faith, culture and the arts.


Its with these thoughts in mind that I introduce to you one of Central Japan’s leading experts on spirituality Akiko Murakami. Rather than abandon the Faiths of Japan, which at times has been patriarchal and exclusive… , Akko-san works to explore and broaden the strength and values of femininity and the female in Buddhism, Shinto and Japan’s other faiths. Her work, gives me hope that rather than shrink the world to that of the individual, we can work to broaden institutions to be truly universal __________________________________________

Our new tour with Akiko San, The Spirit of Japan is posted to Asia Art Tours. It allows travelers from all backgrounds, creeds and orientations to find and explore how they can connect or understand Japan’s faith in relation to themselves. We’ll be posting our interview with Akiko San soon and posting more photos of this dynamic and bold woman all week.

__________________________________________ Contact Asia Art Tours today for more information.

We are Creative Travel for Creative People.

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