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A sunset overlooking the Yamato region

Throughout Japan, we have been having irregularly stormy days with typhoon attacks. October is usually sunny with clear sky and known for very pleasant weather. There even is a term " Aki-bare (秋晴れ)” meaning "autumn clear sky". This is also a rice harvest season, and many traditional autumn festivals are held to celebrate the local kami for their blessings for good harvest. However, due to the bad weather, I am sure many of them must have been cancelled for this year.

Today, I was very happy to be able to the Sun after many rainy days, and was glad to see a beautiful sunset from the observatory near Ohmiwa jinja Shrine.

The Miwa mountain is a sacred mountain, and actually is the target of worship from the ancient time. It is now open for the worshippers to climb from 9 AM to 2PM. ( you have to register first!!)

However the mountain were closed for uncertain days.  

ohmiwa Shrine

I guess the natural paths must have be damaged badly by the heavy rain. might have caused some land slides..blocking or destroying the paths.

I hope things will settle down as soon as possible....

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