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"Green Shinto", an amazing online resource on Shintoism!

One of my good Australian friend, Jann Williams is currently staying in Kyoto and doing a research on Elements on Japan for her new book. In the past years, together we went to Omiwa shrine, Hasedera temple, Yoshino, Koyasan, etc.

Currently staying in Kyoto for some months, Jann introduced me to an amazing web site titled "Green Shinto"

I just couldn't believe the volume, depth and variety of contents in English.

Luckyily, I met them in Kyoto on the other day and had interesting conversation.

------------<About Green Shinto>---------------------------------------------------

John Dougill works as a professor of British Culture at Ryukoku University (龍谷大学)in Kyoto.

Green Shinto is a blog by John Dougill operating out of Kyoto, Japan, which is dedicated to the promotion of an open, international and environmental Shinto.

It seeks to celebrate the rich heritage of the tradition, from sacred rocks and shamanistic roots to bawdy myths and fertility festivals. It believes Shinto to be essentially diverse, localised and community oriented. It looks to a Shinto free of borders, liberated from its past to meet the demands of a new age.

He is the owner of Oxface Publications, which produces popular guidebooks to Oxford such as the long-selling Oxford’s Famous Faces and Oxford: A Literary Guide.

In addition, he has written fourteen Japanese college textbooks as well as Kyoto: A Cultural Guide (Signal/OUP, 2006).

His latest publication is Japan’s World Heritage Sites (Tuttle, 2014), a large-size and richly illustrated overview of the various temples, gardens, castles and natural wonders for which the country is so justly renowned.



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