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The guests in kimono beautifully stand out in a Japanese garden with fresh green.

It was a perfect day to stroll around Nara in kimono for the 2 Canadian ladies.

With fresh greens, the nature around this season is so refreshing and lively.

It is the rice planting season, before the rainy season, and the best weather not too hot nor cold with nice occasional breeze.

Nowadays, Japanese people rarely wear kimono due to modernization and lifestyle change.

However, as our traditional clothing, getting dressed in a beautiful kimono and walk to a temple or shrine or a park in Nara will provide you with an unforgettable, cultural experience with seasonal beauties!

⭐️If you are not in a mood to walking around in kimono, there is a studio photo plan instead.

Anyhow, dressed in kimono, you will have a good image and a physical experience of how the Japanese moved.. (Imagine being dressed in kimono all day long.. You really need a power center in a lower belly and need a strong legs.)

First, I took the ladies to a kimono rental studio and they enjoyed choosing and getting dressed in kimono. There are lockers with keys so they could leave most of their belongings.

After that, we got on a bus from JR Nara station to near Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Grand Shrine and started our half day tour.

They really enjoyed taking lots of photos and did a great job walking quite a long way without messing up the tightly dressed kimono. (They returned their kimono before 6PM )

Olivia and Jessica, Thank you for coming and joining my tour!


The lady on the right is in kimono with "tabi" socks.

The one on the left is in "yukata", or summer cotton kimono made with much lighter fabric, and she is with bare foot.

Strolling in Yoshiki En garden, in kimono.

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