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Yae sakura is its peak season in Nara!

After the most popular kind of sakura (someiyoshino) are all gone, next, Yaezakura (八重桜 or 8-layer sakura; pink, gorgeous, double flowered cherry blossoms) are blooming here and there in Nara!

Nara is famous for Yaezakura from the time when it was an ancient capital of Japan in 8th century,

A poem from Manyoshu, ("Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves")

「あをによし 奈良の都は 咲く花の 薫ふがごとく 今盛りなり」

"Aoniyoshi Nara no miyako wa saku hana no niou ga gotoku ima sakarinari"


As flowers in bloom glow in beauty and fragrance, the capital at Nara is now at the height of its splendor.

Manyosyu is the earliest extant collection of Japanese poetry. Most of its 4516 numbered waka (or "Japanese poems") in 20 volumes were written in the 7th and 8th centuries.

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