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Cherry blossom 2020 forecast !

This year's cherry blossom ("sakura" in Japanese ) forecast has been released by JMC (Japan Meteorological Company). The warmer the autumn and winter seasons, the earlier the sakura blooms next spring. 言語を選択すれば、日本語でも見られます。

"On February 6, 2020, JMC released its 3rd forecast of the dates when cherry blossoms will start to flower (kaika) and reach full bloom (mankai). JMC has estimated the flowering and full bloom dates for Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry) trees in approximately 1,000 cherry blossom viewing locations in cities from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. The flowering and full bloom dates for all areas are posted on the app "Sakura Navi". JMC will provide timely updates.(next update: 2/20)"

What is App "Sakura Navi" ?

"Lonly Planet" is recommending Sakura Navi on their website, too. You can check their article here.



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