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Nara Park Cycling Tour in the ancient city Nara

Cycling tour in the Ancient Capital city of Nara

A one-day cycling tour offers a delightful way to explore the rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty of Nara.  It promises a memorable and immersive experience, allowing you to discover the city's treasures at your own pace while enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of exploring by bike.  You can choose to rent an electric bike to make the day easier! 



  • Enjoy the cycle along the Saho River with marvelous cherry blossoms, a secret area for the regular Nara visitors.  (Limited to the Cherry blossoms' season)

  • Visit the Nara Palace site Historical Museum, and learn about the Nara Period ( 8th century) from many audiovisual contents and interesting archeological discoveries.

  • Go into Daiggokuden (Imperial Audience Hall)  where the emperor's Imperial throne was placed.

  • Pray for world peace to Daibutsu (The Great Buddha) of Todaiji Temple, the world's largest bronze Buddha statue with over 1300 years of worship.

  • Explore Kasuga Taisha Shrine, the beautiful vermilion buildings, stroll through the forested pathways, and soak in the serene atmosphere.

  • Admire the seasonal flowers, traditional architecture, and carefully curated landscapes, at IsueIen Garden or Yoshiki-en Garden. Visit the Nigatsu-do Hall, a sub-temple of Todai-ji located on a hill overlooking Nara city.

  • Cycle through Nara Machi, the charming old town area of Nara City.  Admire the well-preserved traditional machiya (wooden townhouses), and see how they are nicely remodeled into something cool and modern shops, museums, and cafes.


  • If it rains hard on the tour day, the tour will automatically become a tour with local bus rides.  

  • The route and time allotment can be changed according to your interests, preferences, the season, and the weather.

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Jane Crawley

We made a memory together that I will never forget. Thankyou thankyou thankyou

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