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Mt. Kurama Reiki piligrimage and Kifune Shrine

Explore Mt. Kurama, the birthplace of REIKI 靈氣

This course provides you with a day of a spiritual journey to Mt. Kurama and Kurama Temple.  Worshiped for more than 1300 years, this mountain is full of unique legends and mysteries.  Purify your mind, body, and spirit in deep nature, and feel and remember the interconnection with all beings.​ 



  • Enjoy a scenic mountain hike through the deep sacred forest leading to Kurama-Dera Temple.  

  • Pray to remember and reconnect with your all ancestors. 

  • Explore the Kurama-Dera Temple including the secret area, and learn the unique, universal teachings of Kurama. 

  • Meditate on the mountaintop where Master Usui Mikao meditated and received the universal healing energy and method, REIKI. 

  • Visit the beautiful Kifune Jinja Shrine to appreciate the water spirit that has blessed Kyoto with water since ancient times. 



 Click to see a short video of two guests from the USA to this course:



Tour Gallery

Cassandra Pierce

The tour was absolute magic! Akiko had this amazing energy that was open and honest about Japanese culture. She knew all the right spots to go and sites to see that the average person walking around without a tour guide wouldn't know. If you're thinking of taking this tour, don't wait now. Your cells and DNA in your body will thank you!

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