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KIMONO lesson and learn about the history and traditional kimono dressing + stroll in kimono to Nara park and Kofukuji​ Temple with my guide.

The spirit of YAMATO 

KIMONO lesson and learn about the history and traditional kimono dressing 

+ stroll in kimono to Nara park and Kofukuji Temple.

※Limited time only.  please contact first. 


  1. Basic Lecture

You will be given a guide with plenty of pictures, and learn about the history and development of the Kimono, including meanings of the different patterns and colors, and detailed and intricate designs that are encompassing seasons, hopes, and themes.


  2.  Enjoy choosing your kimono of the day!

The Kimono teacher will be there to give advice on different styles and help you with matching, choosing the best one from many beautiful options. 


  3.  Lesson 1  <Teacher's model dressing>

There are so many elements to a traditional Kimono outfit. The teacher will explain each piece and what it is for, so you will have a clear image of how all is going to come together.



  4.  Lesson 2  <You practice dressing>

Now, it’s time to try it on your own!  Take time and be amazed at how everything comes together to create a perfect outfit kimono.

As a final process, you will choose an Obi (a wide belt like a sash) and putting on.


  5. Photoshoot at a photo studio and receive a certificate!

Have fun posing for photos with 3 different Japanese-style backgrounds.

You can try some traditional poses.  The teacher will show you how, and where to place your feet and hands to look just proper and nice in kimono.

  ⭐️a fan, a samurai sword, a traditional washi paper umbrella, etc. are there to add some Japanese elements. 

You will receive a certificate of completion with a commemorative photo!




  6.   Go walking in kimono!

   Nara is a very old city with historical beauties, so perfect to stroll in kimono.

  You can tell me where you’d like to go or I can take you to the best sites on the day.

  ....Imagine all the Japanese before the 19th century was wearing kimono as a daily outfit.   


★ In the summertime, instead of kimono, you will have a lesson dressed in yukata, a summer cotton kimono made of lighter fabric but just as beautiful.


★ Rental kimonos for children (both boys and girls) are available at the same price, however, just for photo shooting plans at the studio, not for going out.


  • If you wish, even after the tour, you can enjoy walking around the town until 18:00. (return kimono by 18:00)

  • There will be a locker with a key so you can leave your belongings at the studio. 

  • A rickshaw ride can be arranged on the day. 



    <Half Day Course>  5 hours    ¥33,000 / person ~

2-3 people  ¥55,000  

<One Day Course> 8 hours   ¥45,000 / person ~

2-3 people  ¥60,000   

🌟Both above prices includes Kimono rental, getting dressed, hair arrangement,
Kimono lesson fee, my guiding fee, etc.

After the lesson, I will take you to the requested places in Nara.  


For rates for additional people, please message me using the inquiry form below.  


Please contact at least 2 weeks in advance to make an arrangement for the lesson.






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