Learning the wisdom, spiritual tradition and history of ancient Shintoism:  

at Kasuga Grand Shrine.

The spirit of YAMATO 

wisdom, spiritual tradition, and history

of ancient Shintoism:  


Today, there are about 80,000 Shinto shrines in Japan, and the number had been as many as 200, 000, before the Meiji restoration (1867) when Japan started to accept the Western policy of modernization.  


Though there is no specific founder nor a religious text, Shintoism has played an important role to keep the spiritual tradition of Japan, together with Buddhism. 


In this modern highly materialistic days, sadly, visiting shrines have become more like a mere custom, pastime or tourism among the Japanese.  

In fact, it is not so easy to find a person who has real belief and faith in Shinto or Shinto deities.


Then what's the point of Shintoism?


The true significance is not in a visible, physical form as in a beautiful Shrine building nor in unique traditional ceremonies.  In fact, it is in an intangible spiritual heritage.



In this tour, I would like to take you to a great journey to explore the deep world of Shintoism.   I am sure you will have a completely different view of Japan and the Japanese after the tour. 



  •  Who is Kami, or Shinto deities?

  • The reason why people visit shrines (traditionally and today).

  • The history and unique relationship between Shinto and Buddhism.

  • The universal wisdom of Ancient Shintoism

  • What is Japanese mythology? 


and more...



* < full day tour> we will also visit the 1st-ranking Shinto shrine in the ancient Yamato region with a different atmosphere from Kasuga Grand Shrine.


* Since you are walking through the destination temple and shrine, please join the tour with comfortable shoes and clothes.



     <Half Day Course>  5 hours    ¥7,500 / person  ~ 

<One Day Curse>   8 hours  ¥19,000 / (1-3 persons) ~ 


every + 1 person     half price more.