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Kazuhisa Kusaba(草場一壽), an artist who can see dragons.

Kazuhisa Kusaba is by far my favorite Japanese artists. His works are mostly Shinto deities, Buddhist deities, dragons, lotus flowers, etc. I was shocked by the beauty and realism of his rainbow-colored dragon for the first time. I later knew that when he was little he could actually see the presence of dragons around humans. (Actually I know other few people who can see dragons, too. As one of a new trend, books about dragons are published and becoming popular in "spiritual" category, especially among young women. It may sounds funny for the Westerners, but it is true! )

You can find his works on his Instagram, too.

In coming spring 2020 in April to June, there will be his personal exhibition in Toji temple in Kyoto. (Free of charge!!) I have seen his works in Toji 2 times before and met Mr. Kusaba there both times. He is very open and friendly person (as you can see him talking in the Youtube video) . Next to each amazing art work, there is poem by him. He is kind of like a channeler, or a spirit medium.. He loves to make beautiful art works, so perfect and ego free. It seems theme he chooses are highly based on the divine inspiration and messages to humanity from heaven.

As in the video, his works require super concentration, so during the process, it seems he is being like totally self-less, but mindful. All of his works are breathtaking, perfect and highly spiritual. I really hope more people to experience seeing his actual works. It really talks to you, and you will find your favorite. If you have a chance to come or stay in Kyoto next spring, I highly recommend anyone to go to Toji.

I am looking forward to seeing his new works : "Dragon King" (blue dragon) and "Izanagi and Izanami" (two most important male and female Shinto deities on their process of creating islands of Japan. Theme is "Unity"(和合) .

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