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"The life of Empress Masako of Japan" video

The Life of EMPRESS MASAKO of JAPAN - Former Crown Princess Masako of Japan (click to see the Youtube video) Never in my life, the news about the Japanese Imperial family was a target of interest.

Actually, except on very special occasions, we did not see our royal families on TV news, not speak bad about them. We did not guess negatively about their behaviors.

However, these days, things are changing, and I find rude reports not based on solid facts are freely talking about them. I am sorry for today's Imperial families, they are becoming the victims of mass media that are constantly looking for some "popular" news that "sell well".

Until this day, after her marriage to the Crown Prince (today's Emperor Naruhito), she went through a long pressured life under many rules and traditions in the Imperial Household Agency. However, as far as I see, the following famous promissing words by the Emperor had been really protected her, and will do, too. " I will protect Masako for my whole life at all costs. "


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