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Genes can be Switch On and Off and change people

I'd like to introduce some of the books by Dr. Kazuo Murakami.

He is a biochemist and one of the top geneticists in the world and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tsukuba, one of Japan’s leading research universities. He is well known for successfully decoding the genes of renin, an enzyme which is crucial in blood pressure regulation.

I read his book "Divine Message of the DNA" when I was a university student struggling with sleep disorder. I was encouraged greatly by the contents that I can change my self by somehow by activating my innate DNA. People say, "better be positive", but his book scientifically proved me why it is good and really woks to change people by being positive.

The uniqueness of Dr. Murakami is, he is officially announces himself as a follower of Tenrikyo (天理教), one of the Shinto sect started in Tenri city in Nara prefecture. Also, he accepts the divine creator, or planner of life he calls "Something Great". For me, how he explains reminds me of the native American people's concept of "The Great Spirit".

When Dr. Murakami gave a special lecture in Tenri at the Home of the Parent. Among those who listened to the lecture were the followers from overseas who had returned to Jiba (the most sacred site) in order to attend the Oyasama (the founder of the Tenri sect) Birth Celebration Service.

Simultaneous interpretation was provided in six languages: English, Chinese, Korean, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Dr. Murakami started out his speech by saying: "In my lectures and books, I have been using the term 'Something Great.' I came up with this term with the intention of making the workings of God the Parent (親神様)and Oyasama known to the general public."

After sharing his experiences in decoding the genes of renin and rice plants, he said: "Being at the forefront of genetic research, I saw the workings of God the Parent unfolding in front of my own eyes.  In my own case, that was how science and the teachings of the path slowly merged and began to resonate with each other. "

"The Divine Message of the DNA"(2006)

--Awaken Your Genes and Discover Hidden Talents--

Before it was published in English in the USA, this book has already been published in Chinese and Korean. Soon after, French version was published.

" It is widely known that DNA contains all the information for each of all the living creatures. DNA's of all animals, plants and human beings control basic behaviors of their own. This is what most people today know and believe.

As a result, people tend to believe that most results of their lives are already determined at the point of birth. If you have good DNA's for athletic activities, you would succeed in sports anyway. If not, you will not make an excellent athlete. Thus people are inclined to a new kind of fatalism backed by scientific facts which you cannot argue at all.

 Murakami, however, found that actual results of what people do can vary greatly depending upon their attitudes. If a cancer patient maintains a strong will to overcome the disease, the likelihood is he or she will survive much longer than the others who takes it as fate and see the situation entirely negative. According to this internationally acclaimed bio chemical scientist, many medical doctors found incredible recoveries from fatal cancers because of strong and positive will the patient maintained.

For the first time, Murakami shows clear evidences of DNA functions that give strong influences to our daily lives once it is activated by the human being. If you are in a positive mood certain DNA's start to work actively sometimes against expectations of medical professionals . If you are in a negative feeling, potentially powerful DNA functions will continue to be inactive. Thus by maintaining positive ways to see what you see in your life, you can improve and enjoy your life greatly. The book reveals all the secrets how to remain positive throughout your life. "

A documentary movie about Dr. Murakami and his patient and their story "SWITCH" was made in Japan (2011), and translated into English. Here is the trailer of the movie:

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