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​Calling from YAMATO

Please note..

Respect and care


Some temples and shrines we visit during Half-day and One-day courses may be visited by a few foreign tourists.  There will be Japanese tourists in Omiwa shrine and Hasedera-temple, however, many dedicate believers from all over Japan also visit these sacred sites.  Therefor, please be careful not to talk too loudly or avoid taking photos in certain areas or occasions. 



My tours are meant to guide you on your own personal, spiritual journey. Although I discuss “spirituality,

I respect all creeds and see all gods or goddesses as higher spiritual beings who brought and spread teachings to humanity at certain times and places. For me, we are all children of God (the creator, something great, the Great spirit . . .), sharing Mother Earth in our moment, therefore equally precious spiritual beings. Think of this tour as a peaceful sanctuary—one of safety, kindness and respect for all.



As we will be walking around the temples and shrines or other destinations, please join the tour with comfortable shoes and clothing.
Please ask me any questions and please book the tour at least 1-2 weeks in advance. 

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